Industrial Cleaning

All our staff are insured, bondable, and WSIB covered.

Our team understands that your facility may have strict schedules and site-specific regulations. We take every step necessary to ensure a clean and safe working environment within your space. During our first visit we will take meticulous details of your space, current concerns and any findings through our own attention to detail. We recognize that no two businesses are the same which is why we create personalized checklists for each new customer. This process ensures our staff have a clear understanding of your expectations and they are provided a daily list of tasks to complete. You can count on our staff to get the job done in a timely and efficient manner.

All employees are WHIMS certified and we carry out monthly training on the latest health & safety practises and topics.

We strictly enforce health & safety policies and rules. Our service binder kept on site will include extensive documents on facility information, emergency exit routes, and all fire extinguishers. Strict adherence for use of personal protective equipment.

We have internal health & safety representatives who will periodically preform a walk through of your location. We feel when it comes to the safety of all involved it is better to be Proactive rather then Reactive.

Our All-Inclusive Service would not only include the cleaning service itself but also all product necessary to complete the cleaning and any additional products you may need. This total solution package saves you time and the need to order or track products for your office. We offer unique all-natural, 100% environmentally friendly and Canadian made cleaning products. Guaranteed to work wonders within industrial settings!

We do offer service only rates for those customers who would prefer to manage and source their own cleaning supplies.

Lobby to Lunchroom we are dedicated to provide exceptional service on your time at an amazing value.

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