Real Estate Cleaning

Nothing is more important than making a home sale ready than cleaning.

A dirty house can turn potential buyers away, making them question general maintenance of the home. We offer a variety of services to stop these thoughts in their tracks.

As a real estate agent, you live on the run, going from one location to the other sometimes with little notice. Hiring people to do what they are good at keeps you focused on the priorities. Well we are just as good at cleaning as you are at selling homes.

We create custom cleaning checklists for each new location. This process ensures our staff have a clear understanding of your expectations and they are provided a list of tasks to complete during service. You can count on our staff to get the job done in a timely and efficient manner. We offer unique all-natural, 100% environmentally friendly and Canadian made cleaning products.

All staff are insured, bonded and only given security codes and house keys after extensive training. They are hired for their attention to detail and their friendly attitude. Management will be present for last-minute services and new locations.

We are happy to work around your stagers. Or better yet our services are available 24/7, so we will work on your schedule! We provide exceptional service, on your time, at an amazing value.

Detailed Services Available

- Bathroom Deep Cleaning

- Carpet Cleaning

- Wall Washing

- Odor Removal & Air Scrubbing

- Floor Replacement

- Floor Polishing

- Garage Floor Deep Clean

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