Residential Cleaning

Our employees are location dedicated, you will know who cleans your home.

At ICT we place importance on the finer details of your home. There are a number of factors taken into consideration when creating your free quotation. We customize our service to meet your homes needs and do so within your budget and on your schedule. When the staff arrives at your home they will get in touch with our management, and check out as they're leaving. All staff are insured, bonded and only given security codes and house keys after extensive training.

They are hired for their attention to detail and their friendly attitude. Their wages not only cover their time cleaning, but their travel time as well. Since their wages are not commission based, they take their time to finish each clean without rushing. We sincerely care about our clients and we strive to provide you with a consistent and thorough service that you can trust.

Our All-Inclusive Service would not only include the cleaning service itself but also all product necessary to complete the cleaning and any additional products you may need. We offer unique all-natural, 100% environmentally friendly and Canadian made cleaning products.

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